Financial domination with Miss Juliet Taylor

This is a financial domination blog for Juliet's loser paypigs. A place for you to flaunt your adoration, confess how pathetic you are, and beg for more pay-to-views. I'll also post pictures of the gifts I received from My financial slaves.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Financial domination of a money slave.

Thanks for buying the CD I took off my wishlist because amazon was asking $40 for it! I saw the price tag, and I can't believe they were ripping people off like that! I especially love the second song.

Financial domination of mr. moneybags.

Thank you for the Greek language lessons, mr. moneybags! I'm loving it!

Financial domination of practical pete.

Wow! That's a lot of saffron! Wait till you taste some of My Indian cooking. your tastebuds will be under My control, as well. Thanks petey!

Financial domination of one of My heel slaves.

Thanks for the heels, piggy.

Financial domination of the stocking guy.

Thanks stocking guy. They look great on My long, shapely legs. I know you'd give your left nut for a chance of them being wraped around your head, but it isn't going to happen. (shaking a finger at you) you'll have to make do with worshiping My stocking clad legs on cam.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Financial domination of mikey.

Thanks mikey! This vibrator really packs a punch! I know the sounds drove you crazy while you were all tied up and blindfolded. (giggling) But you loved every moment of it!

Financial domination of practical pete.

Now I'll be sure to get My beauty rest. Thanks to My little money piggie, practical pete. This gift was a surprise after I complained of insufficient sleep one night. How thoughtful of you to take it upon yourself to purchase a new pillow for this Goddess to lay Her head. Thank you practical pete!

Financial domination of mr. moneybags

This little piggie loves to spoil Me! And he has the money to do it right. This time he bought Me a vintage Indian wedding skirt to celebrate 2 years of financial service. Embroidered in gold and sprinkled with jems. Simply beautiful. Thank you mr. moneybags!

Update and cam options

Wow, It's been a while since I posted to this blog. I have a lot of pictures to update, but blogger will only let Me update 1 picture a day, so be patient piggies. you will see Me with your gifts soon enough.

FYI: Every Thursday is cam day. I use Eyeball and SightSpeed. Below are the links to connect with Me for phone with cam. I use NiteFlirt to connect annonymously and bill descretely.

Tease takes your cash on cam. $50.00/min.

Teasing and extreme denial on cam. $25.00/min.

Juliet ignores you on cam. $25.00/min.