Financial domination with Miss Juliet Taylor

This is a financial domination blog for Juliet's loser paypigs. A place for you to flaunt your adoration, confess how pathetic you are, and beg for more pay-to-views. I'll also post pictures of the gifts I received from My financial slaves.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Financial domination of practical pete.

Thank you for the camera battery and CF card petey!

Financial domination of another tommy.

Thank you for the yummy leather pants tommy. Doesn't My bum look hot in them!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Financial domination of paypig willief.

Thanks for making a thousand dollar car payment for Me, money honey. That was sweet of you, and your action put a huge smile on My face, as you could tell by the video I sent. I just love it when guys hit those pay buttons. The larger the amount, the more of a rush! I'm just not amused by petty cash anymore. (sigh)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Financial domination of another tommy.

This may look like a plug to most of you, but no. It's a pigment grinder! (Chuckling) Thanks tom!

Financial domination of the other tommy.

In case you didn't know what you were buying, these are canvas streatchers. Thanks again tom! See that big cheesey grin. (Giggling)

Financial domination of another tommy.

Thank you again, tom. It really did bring a smile to My face when I received almost everything off my art supplies wish list. Now you know how expensive My artistic habbits are!

Financial Dominatin of another tommy.

Thank you for the Shiva paintsticks! I love getting thoughtful gifts that think about MY needs first, instead of your own filthy lusts.