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This is a financial domination blog for Juliet's loser paypigs. A place for you to flaunt your adoration, confess how pathetic you are, and beg for more pay-to-views. I'll also post pictures of the gifts I received from My financial slaves.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Memorial Day NY trip

I've had many offers to come visit guys in NY, but only a few guys really know what it takes to get Me there. *snotty giggling* MONEY. And lots of it. Yea for Me, this sweet piggie picked up that I'm a nature kind of girl as well as a material girl. I told him I wanted to see a different side of New York for Memorial Day, and he delivered.

First he sent some cash ($1200) to get Me and My chaperone to NY. (Yes, after My first stalking at age 16, numerous ex- boyfriends paying people to find Me, and some other bad incidents, I realized just how addictive I can be, and now take a chaperone on ALL trips.) Once there, he helped Me to relax by sending Me to get a massage while he chatted with My chaperone and unpacked My belongings. So very sweet of him.

Of course most of My supplies included a tent and hiking gear. I LOVE the outdoors. And this guys 200 acre property next to a national forrect was perfect for a little R&R away from all technology... including the computer that sometimes seems to be glued to My hands.

When I returned all relaxed, he was there to great Me with a hug and a $100 bill to start My little "Find the money" game he planned to entertain Me. How cute is that right! I was so relaxed from the massage that I didn't feel like walking all over the campsite to find the cash. I instructed him on all fours and sat My cute little ass down on his back so he could carry Me wherever I wanted to look for cash. As I pointed, he crawled. Sometimes we found another benjamin, sometimes we didn't but it was fun either way. In the end I counted $500 in petty cash and tucked it into My pack.

It started to get dark, and he built a fire for Me while My chaperone rested in My tent. We all toasted a few marshmallows, the piggie cooked Me a meal, and then we discussed where we were hiking the next day. (Note: I do bring a chaperone, but he /she is not with us 24/7. And you will not be with Me 24/7. pigs, sleep by themselves!)

The rest of My time in NY I spent telling him to collect firewood, sending him to warm water for My bath, hiking, enjoying the peace, and eating his camp food. (Note to piggie: you need to learn how to cook more vegitarian meals! If the flogging tied to a tree didn't help keep that in your noggin, then maybe dragging a pack tied to your balls through prickers while naked will! )

Anyway... I had a good time and eventually left with 96 mosquito bites and another $500 for the kinky hikes. Damn those mosquitos!