Financial domination with Miss Juliet Taylor

This is a financial domination blog for Juliet's loser paypigs. A place for you to flaunt your adoration, confess how pathetic you are, and beg for more pay-to-views. I'll also post pictures of the gifts I received from My financial slaves.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Miss Juliet is also Eva!

My wishlist on amazon is still the same. 
But most people now know me as the sweet and domanearing Eva on Southern Charms 2 at
Want to be my slave?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Financial domination of a sweet sub.

It's My birthday and I'll lay out nude if I want to! Thanks to a sweet piggy I've known for years, I'll be sunning in FL at his condo while he's out of town working. One week of sun to celebrate My birthday and get rid of the winter blahs. It's great to be a hot leggy chick! And maybe I'll leave something there for you to come home to. (giggling)

So tomorrow will be the last day I'm online until I get back. And don't count on any sexy tan lines. I won't be wearing a suit.

Financial domination of a whipped piggy!

Woo hoo! Guess what arrived at my doorstep this afternoon. Thank you for the high def. plasma TV, michael! I think I'll have you come over and install it for Me wearing something skimpy. (tee hee) Then I can have you paint My toenails and use you as My footstool while I watch a few shows. (Giggling) I'll let you put on some clothes before carrying My old set over to a girlfriends house. Can you believe she's watching a 13 inch TV... And she's a hottie too. I keep trying to rub off on her, but she insists on doing everything the hard way. Oh well...

Monday, March 05, 2007

Financial domination of tommy-boy.

Thank you for the long wool coat and Charles David shoes, tommyboy. They're just what I asked for. Muah!

Financial domination of mr. moneybags!

you are so sweet! Thank you so much for buying the Nikon D200 camera and bag for Me! I'm sure you can see how happy it made Me. Look at that cheesey grin on My face! I hope you enjoyed the little surprise I sent you. (giggling)

Financial domination of mr. moneybags.

Thanks for the cute bodystocking, argile tights, and sexy white dress mr. moneybags. I bet you can't wait to see me play dress up on cam. (giggling)

Finacial Domination of pay pig slaves.

Thank you for the high heels and stockings, other tommy. And thank you so much for the headset phone, piggy pete! It makes camming so much easier.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Financial domination of nick

Thank you for the extremely high heels, nick. Don't they look fab on my feet! Too bad your in England, or I'd have you over for a closer look. So I could walk all over you in them. The spike of that heel would feel so nice scraping your skin gently as I look down at you with a wicked smile. (Giggling)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Financial domination of practical pete.

Thank you for the camera battery and CF card petey!

Financial domination of another tommy.

Thank you for the yummy leather pants tommy. Doesn't My bum look hot in them!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Financial domination of paypig willief.

Thanks for making a thousand dollar car payment for Me, money honey. That was sweet of you, and your action put a huge smile on My face, as you could tell by the video I sent. I just love it when guys hit those pay buttons. The larger the amount, the more of a rush! I'm just not amused by petty cash anymore. (sigh)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Financial domination of another tommy.

This may look like a plug to most of you, but no. It's a pigment grinder! (Chuckling) Thanks tom!

Financial domination of the other tommy.

In case you didn't know what you were buying, these are canvas streatchers. Thanks again tom! See that big cheesey grin. (Giggling)

Financial domination of another tommy.

Thank you again, tom. It really did bring a smile to My face when I received almost everything off my art supplies wish list. Now you know how expensive My artistic habbits are!

Financial Dominatin of another tommy.

Thank you for the Shiva paintsticks! I love getting thoughtful gifts that think about MY needs first, instead of your own filthy lusts.